Saturday Morning Mystery

The original name of this film was “Saturday Morning Massacre” which is actually way more fitting than the changed title. The movie was filmed completely in Austin and shot in sequence as the director believed that particular shooting schedule would help set the tone … and it appears to have worked.

This movie is based off the Scooby Doo cartoon series; however, it completely demolishes your memory of the fun and quirky cartoon series with its frightening, lethal and, oftentimes, humorous trip through a classic Scooby Doo tale gone psyco. The scary bits are right up there with my very favorite movie of all time “Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” while the humor is solid, although not over the top, pee your trousers funny.

The story line is pretty straight forward. The old Kyser schoolhouse is acquired by the bank in a foreclosure proceeding and needs some TLC before it can be put on the market for sale. Of course, the rumors around town are that this particular building is haunted so others before our intrepid team of paranormal rumor squashers have been scared off by various hauntings. In spite of all the warnings which include ghosts of missing children, crap cleaning skills from the squatters that lived there previously, and the obligatory Satanic sacrifics, our brave team makes the decision to spend a few nights inside to find out what they can find out.

All of the following things happened on the first night:

  • Floyd accidentally spiked the groups drinking water with LSD
  • The team found the dead body of a bank employee
  • Their dog was killed (rought ro, Scooby)
  • The dead dog was partly eaten by some nasty, feral child
  • Floyd and Chad are killed
  • Gwen and Nancy get trapped by some dude wearing a leather mask
  • Lance rescues the girls
  • Lance gets knocked out by the bad guy

Well, anyway, you can see where this is going. I’m not giving away the ending to this one. You really need to watch it for yourself. It’s a bit dark, but the humor intertwined keeps it from being too cringeworthy. Most of the critics disliked Saturday Morning Mystery, but that didn’t stop this movie from becoming a cult classic to horror fans. It still, to this day, has it’s very own website so fans can relive the horror and humor many times over.