Sin City, the Stories

This movie is a bunch of really awesome stories put together to make one giant story line. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, you’ve certainly never seen Sin City. And while this was mostly filmed on a “digital backlot” (meaning not real, really made up) the first story was filmed as a stand-alone and later was incorporated into the bigger movie. That story is “The Customer is Alway Right” and was filmed in Austin.

This film, as all the best films are, is based on a series of graphic novels (read giant comic books) written by Frank Miller who also co-wrote, co-directed and co-produced the film with Robert Rodriguez.

There are a total of four stories in the film, each one critically acclaimed in its own right. My favorite is “The Yellow Bastard Part 1” and of course, “The Yellow Bastard Part 2.” Possibly due to the fact the Bruce Willis plays the lead character of John Hartigan, an aging policeman with a bum ticker in Sin City. Hartigan is set on stopping the serial killer, who also happens to be the son of the Senator, from raping and killing an 11-year-old girl named Nancy.

In the climactic scene of “Part 1,” Hartigan, while in severe pain from his bum ticker, shoots off the serial killer’s important bits, plus his hand and his ear. Sadly, Hartigan’s policeman partner shoots Hartigan IN THE BACK and it is then revealed that this partner is actually on the Senator’s payroll and covering for Junior, the serial rapist and killer. The close if this part of the story is sirens approaching while Nancy hovers over a passing out Hartigan.

In the Sin City movie, you now get to watch “The Hard Goodbye” and “The Big Fat Kill” both of which pull you in and almost make you forget Hartigan is dead in the previous story. Not. So. Fast.

In “The Yellow Bastard Part 2” we find out that Hartigan is alive! Super! But there’s a catch. Since Junior is in a coma, Hartigan gets blamed for all the nasty crimes and gets sent to prison where he languishes for 8 years. Nancy writes him letters on a regular basis, so when the letters suddenly stop and Hartigan receives a human finger, of course he confesses to the crimes and is released from jail.

Well, one thing leads to another and Hartigan finds Nancy working as an exotic dancer at the exact same moment he realizes this is all a big setup for him to lead all the bad guys (The Senator, Junior, and Bob, Hartigan’s former partner) to Nancy. Hartigan tries to leave but Nancy sees him and so must go with him. Cue car pursuit with everyone’s automobile being in perfect condition as if they had all just been serviced by the local mobile mechanic, right up until Hartigan shoots the bad guy causing him to lose control and crash his car. Phew!

So, Nancy professes her love for Hartigan. Hartigan puts her off because the age difference is too much for him. Junior shows up, hurts Hartigan and kidnaps Nancy. Off goes the bad guy to torture the girl. But WAIT! Hartigan gets his second wind (or third, or whatever), locates Junior and Nancy on an old farm, and rips Juniors bits right off! Rips them off with his bare hands. So then he beats Junior to death.

It’s almost happy ending time, BUT Hartigan knows that Junior’s father, the Senator, will hunt him down for the rest of his life and Hartigan is just not in the mood. So he sends Nancy away and kills himself.