The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D

What could have been a box office smash was doomed when the decision was made to convert this film to 3-D post production, Critics and reviewers alike noted that this decision actually “damaged the film’s visual look.”

Critical issues aside, this story of Max and his imaginary world is the stuff all kids dreams are made of. Max lives in Austin, Texas, and is a bit a a lonely child. His made-up world, Planet Drool, is where Sharkboy and Lavagirl live and where all the adventures happen in Max’s dreams and daydreams. When a school bully steals and brutalizes Max’s dream journal, the world of reality and dreams appear to collide.

Sharkboy, Lavagirl and Max have several adventures on Planet Drool, including saving a group of kids from a run-away roller coaster, getting captured by Mr. Electric and finding the Planet Drool bully, Minus, has completely changed Max’s dream world causing severe havoc and ensuing mayhem. Due to the lucky timing of Minus’s nap, Max gets to grab his Dream Journal back, and Sharkboy, Lavagirl and Max escape their captors only to have a spat among the three of them which ultimately destroys Max’s Dream Journal.

The team recovers nicely only to be immediately taken in by Mr. Electric. Sharkboy dies; Lavagirl dies. Max dreams them both back to life. (are you still with me here?) Max, in a daydream, kicks the poo out of Minus/Linus so the two boys (Max and Linus) decide to make a better dream world between them.

In the meantime, Mr. Electric is speeding to Earth towards the sleeping Max to try and stop all this “happy” stuff from happening. Max wakes up. His parents are sucked into the tornado, but then saved by Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Marissa gains the Crystal heart and freezes Mr. Electric with it.

Everybody else makes up and they all end up friends. Happy Ending!

This move was filmed on location in Austin as that is the home town of Max, the main character. Much of this film, however, was shot in a studio against a green screen with the majority of the backgrounds and effects being digital or digitally enhanced. This is still a very fun movie, especially for the young kids in your life. You should all make a big bowl of popcorn and watch it right now!